Award-Winning Monitoring Services

Equipment is just one component of the security solutions Vector Security® provides. If any alarm at
your property is triggered, a signal is immediately sent to our award-winning Monitoring Center where
experienced operators are available around the clock to dispatch authorities to your location quickly.

  • We own and operate our Monitoring Center so we have total control and work directly for you.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies ensure continuous monitoring of you security system.
  • False alarm protocols let authorities know the need for a response is a real so there’s no second-guessing.
  • Experienced Operators respond with speed and accuracy to your alarm, dispatching help within minutes.

Help at a moments notice:

  • An audible alarm is triggered, alerting occupants and/or intruders of an emergency.
  • An event-specific emergency signal is sent to our Monitoring Center, where operators are available 24/7
  • A center operator calls you (or a designated contact) to verify the alarm.
  • If the alarm is real, the operator dispatches help immediately and calls your personal emergency contacts.
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